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Circle Seven Guided Hunts
High Rolls Mountian Park, NM

Big game hunting in New Mexico is a special challenge and thrill. Circle Seven Guided Hunts invites you to come and enjoy one of New Mexico’s best kept secrets: The Lincoln National Forest. Located in New Mexico’s breathtaking southern mountains, the Lincoln National Forest is a hunter’s dream. Just picture a million and a half acres featuring abundant game and scenic beauty. If you’re looking for New Mexico Hunting Guides with an unparalled experience New Mexico big game hunting, you’ll find it here, including:

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  • Elk Hunt

  • Mule Deer Hunt

  • Black Bear Hunt

  • Barbary Sheep Hunt
  • Mountain Lion Hunt

  • Antelope Hunt

  • Javelina Hunt

New Mexico hunting outfitters, Circle Seven Guided Hunts, is ready to accommodate your hunting needs and can tailor your a hunt specifically to your abilities. We’re especially excited to offer family hunts, disabled hunts /handicapped hunts, youth hunts and group hunts featuring your weapon of choice.

Because New Mexico operates on a lottery draw system for trophy class game, we offer our clients the added service of submitting the draw under our outfitting license. Limited Land Owner permits available, you must reserve early.

If you’re looking for the hunt of a lifetime or simply getting away from the hustle of everyday life, we would love to have you. We invite you to browse our website and email or call us at
(575) 682-2530
to book a hunt or have us answer any questions you might have.

Rick Rogers
Circle Seven Guided Hunts